Our Commitment to Safety

Our Safety Commitment

Within the lighting service business, health and safety must be primary concerns. However, Nadir Electric does not allow itself to be limited by minimum government regulations. The company spends a significant percentage of its profit on health and safety. We go far above what is required by law; safety, both of our employees and of your facility, is our number one priority.

How does Nadir Electric go above and beyond to promote safety on the job?

  • We have a thriving health and safety committee that meets regularly and implements more than one hundred substantial safety recommendations every year.
  • We typically send our employees to more than fifty outside safety courses annually and our supervisors do more than two hundred safety spot checks of our field workers every year.
  • WSPS (Workplace Safety and Prevention Services) recently customized a hands-on program for our company regarding safe ladder use and handling. 
  • Participated as a member of WSPS Safety Groups for three years.
  • The majority of our employees have completed both parts of WSIB/MOL Certification.
  • The company’s manual on safety and lighting is updated regularly with input from our safety committee and our electricians in the field. We produce a safety newsletter that each employee receives, in which we offer safety reminders, health tips and course information.

Our commitment to our employees:

  • Safety must be thought of as part of the work and not as an obstacle to its completion.
  • Our workers have the right to refuse unsafe work, and we want them to use this right.
  • We will always use good quality equipment in good condition.
  • Accidents are very rare at Nadir Electric, but when they occur, they must be managed so that we learn from our mistakes.

Our commitment to you.

These practices and more make Nadir Electric better, and that makes our projects better. Safety and reliability are hallmarks of the best in lighting services and, through our continued efforts, our clients have come to expect only the highest quality from Nadir Electric.

All of our electricians are fully certified and they participate in regular training to maintain and improve their qualifications in the ever-changing lighting industry.

Our promise to you.

We provide our customers with the best solution for their lighting needs by leveraging our strong vendor partners and our technical knowledge, which includes efficient lighting design ideas, supply of products, energy audits, installation and ongoing maintenance at competitive prices.

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