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Energy Audit

Energy Audit - Nadir Electric provides expert energy audit services and will manage the utility incentive process.

Lighting accounts for up to 40% of electricity use in Canadian businesses (source). Switching to energy efficient lighting can have a huge impact on the bottom line, without impacting your company’s service or quality – except where better lighting actually improves productivity or product appearance.

An energy audit is the first step in determining how to realize the benefits of energy-efficient lighting. It’s also required by most utility incentive programs.

Let Nadir guide you through the process of becoming a more efficient business.

Energy Audit

Design and Specification - Many locations are lit ineffectively with light wasted on the wrong places or with poor colour quality that hinders productivity. Some locations are over lit, also wasting energy. A proper lighting design with expert-specified lamps, ballasts, fixtures, and lighting controls will correct inefficiencies and ensure that light is used effectively in each application.

Nadir Electric specializes in lighting plans, specifications and installations that meet or exceed the needs of every project, professionally and on budget.

Energy Audit

Lighting Retrofits - Lighting retrofits will save your company money. Switching from inefficient lighting to high-efficiency lighting can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% or as much as 75% with the addition of lighting controls. Most projects can also benefit from utility rebates available to help finance the cost of a retrofit. With this assistance, as well as the savings on energy bills, lighting retrofits often achieve paybacks in just 1 to 3 years.

Any facility that hasn’t had a lighting retrofit in the past few years is missing out on the technological breakthroughs that happen every year in the lighting industry. Nadir Electric brings these breakthroughs to your business.

Energy Audit

Project Management - With decades spent working on lighting projects, Nadir Electric’s expert team avoids the pitfalls of inexperience. From sourcing to budgeting and regulations to certifications, we have the expertise to complete lighting projects with professionalism and efficiency. We are your best advocate when it comes to reducing your energy consumption through lighting and recommending the best solutions for your applications.

Energy Audit

Lighting Maintenance - In the lighting service and maintenance business since 1966, we have seen it all, from installation to end of life. We know what is required to keep lighting performing in top condition for as long as possible, so our customers get the best out of their lamps and ballasts.

Proper maintenance improves light output by keeping fixtures clean and clear of obstructions. It can alert the customer to safety issues that may have arisen as well as conducting spot replacements of burnt out lamps.

Energy Audit

Scheduled Relamping - Scheduled relamping is the group replacement of all lamps at periodic intervals on a predetermined schedule. Group relamping is an alternative to replacing lamps as they burn out (spot replacement).

Scheduled relamping is the most economical way to maintain lighting in a facility. Nadir provides relamping services for customers across Canada with a fleet of fully stocked service trucks and an expert team of certified electricians.

Advantages of scheduled relamping include:

  • Substantial labour savings over spot replacement
  • Reduced prices on lamps that are purchased in bulk
  • Higher light output from newer lamps
  • Reduced need for customer retained inventory
  • Minimized disruption to business

Contact us to discuss what type of relamping schedule we recommend for your facility and a free estimate.

Energy Audit

Lamp and Ballast Recycling - We recycle all lamps and ballasts that we remove from facilities and ensure that all hazardous materials are disposed of safely and ethically. At Nadir, we not only recommend sustainable, energy saving solutions to our clients, we practice these same principals at our own company. We are dedicated to environmental sustainability and protecting our natural resources. In an effort to prevent mercury wastes from entering landfills, we recycle every mercury containing lamp that is removed from every job site. Since 2001, Nadir Electric has recycled over 1.8 million fluorescent and HID lamps.

We also power our offices with 100% green electricity from Bullfrog Power.


Nadir Electric takes safety and the environment very seriously. Please visit our Safety and Sustainability pages to learn how we are taking care of our business and yours.


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We provide our customers with the best solution for their lighting needs by leveraging our strong vendor partners and our technical knowledge, which includes efficient lighting design ideas, supply of products, energy audits, installation and ongoing maintenance at competitive prices.

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